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Step 7: Evaluate Your Hypothesis

By the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Describe common analytical studies and when they may be used.
  • Determine the most appropriate type of analytic study for an outbreak.
  • Determine the correct measure of association for each type of analytic study.
  • Calculate measures of association and interpret results.

The next step we’re going to cover in an outbreak investigation is  hypothesis evaluation from an epidemiological standpoint. Epidemiological hypothesis evaluation allows us to test our hypothesis by comparing ill and well people. In this video, we will discuss common analytical study designs used to test hypotheses and how to determine the appropriate study design for our situation.

Returning to our case scenario, we will evaluate the hypothesis we developed in the previous step using analytical epidemiology. We recommend downloading Epi Info or having OpenEpi prepared so that you can calculate measures of association in this case scenario.