Recruitment and Hiring Resources

Recruitment and Hiring Resources


Epidemiologic surveillance and investigation play a key role in reducing COVID-19 community transmission.  As such the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative has opened recruitment for a set of critical program roles. These jobs include Team Leads, Contact Tracers, Case Investigators, and Resource Coordinators. A detailed job description for each role can be found by following the links below.

A woman is holding her cell phone while operating her laptop computer.
Case Investigator
A women in a red shirt is video conferencing using her laptop with a patient in a medical mask.
Contact Tracer
A woman is typing on her laptop computer while sitting in a large sofa chair.
Resource Coordinator
A woman wearing a business blazer is standing and writing in pen on a pad of paper.
Team Lead
A man sitting on a couch typing on a laptop computer.
Cultural Navigator

If you’re interested in volunteering your time for this effort, please contact the most relevant person listed below:

Questions about workforce? For more information please email: ContactTracing@Trailhead.Institute.

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